Suite Design Studio si occupa di Web Design, Grafica, Fotografia e Social Media Marketing, sviluppando soluzioni progettuali per aziende, privati ed eventi. Curiosità, ironia, ricerca e sperimentazione sono le caratteristiche di ogni progetto intrapreso dallo Studio.

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Suite Design Studio has developed the concept of rebranding for, a young and cutting-edge company in the development of native advertising solutions on the international scene.

The new image is farsighted and versatile between aesthetics and functionality, as concept and function are in constant contact and alternation during the development of each project by

The symbol clearly represents the naming itself and the scope of the company = chameleon + stylized geometry of the “key”.

Developed with a clear contrast between full and empty, a simple and intuitive geometry to optimize the use of the logo on all different media or media in the various application sizes, even the smallest ones often used in ADV.



Graphic Design

Client: | Irlanda
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